15-Week & Drop-in Classes

USTA Team Practice Package

The Oak Lane USTA Team Practice is a great way to build team comradery while keeping your players in match form.  Each clinic is 2hrs (1.5hrs of instruction with a pro on each court and 30min of match play with 1 roaming pro) Practice focuses on point strategy, fast paced play, and lots of live ball hitting. Coaches will work with captains to suggest team pairings and team specific strategies. Practices run in two 15-week seasons, 1) Sept - Dec,  2)  Jan - Mar, 3) Apr - June. Bring your whole team or inquire about joining an Oak Lane Team. Team Practices MUST have a minimum of 8 players enrolled.

Adult Drill Clinics

Drill clinics are held over 90-minutes and are grouped by level. Oak Lane offers True Beginner, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 clinics every week. 4.0 and 4.5 clinics are available upon request. Clinics consist of a balanced regimen of drills, point play, and strategy. Each class is a 4:1 ratio for the first hour of drills followed by 30 minutes of live point play with one roaming coach. Coaches play an active role both in instruction and playing. Drill clinics are held over two 15-week sessions. Please call today for days and times.

Cardio Blast

A fun group activity featuring 60 minutes of fast-paced tennis drills and cardio exercises to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high-energy workout. Includes intense tennis drills focused on movement and agility as well as cardio tennis specific exercises such as speed ladders, cone drills, jump rope, and circle jumps, resulting in heart pumping fitness! Players should be between 2.5–4.5 playing level to attend this class.

Point Play Clinic

Ninety minutes of non-stop point play. The perfect chance to tryout all the things you learn in lessons and clinics. Point Play is also great for Team players looking to stay sharp before their big match.

Weekend Men's Morning Drills

A great way to get your morning started and burn off some calories before watching football. Come enjoy 60 minutes of fast paced point play and drills, followed by 30 minutes of singles and doubles play. Men’s drills are held over three 10-week sessions. From 8-930am

Tennis Boot Camp

A gut busting 60-minutes of muscle toning tennis drills and agility/strength training exercises to give players of all abilities an ultimate muscle toning workout. It includes intense tennis drills focused on balance and muscle elasticity as well as strength training with medicine balls, light weight dumbbells, tension bands, and box jumps. Players should be between 2.5 - 4.5 playing level to attend this class.

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