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Junior Tennis at Oak Lane

Red & Orange Ball (Under 8)

Green Ball & JDP (9-12 years old)

NXG & High Performance

Summer Camps 2024

Might Mites

10 & Under



Mighty-Mite Tennis Camp

Mighty-Mites is designed for our littlest players in mind. We encourage players 4-6 years old to come give this program a try. It meets Tue & Thurs for 90min during our summer camp weeks. Your little one will learn important hand-eye-coordination skills, movement and balance skills, and beginner tennis skills. Due to limited attention spans instructors will also play fun games and take breaks as needed. During this program we will also have one court dedicated to a "Parents-Cardio- Clinic" if you are interested in getting a workout in while your child is learning the game. 

Ten & Under Tennis Camp

Ten & Under Camp is designed for players ages 6-10 year's old. Players will be grouped by appropriate age and level. Instructors will use Red, Orange, and Green balls based on Group Age and Level. Camp runs Monday- Friday from 9am-12:30pm. Camp will follow the curriculum outlined on our Ten & Under Junior Program Page while also including point play, games, court fitness, and lots of fun.

NXG Development Camp

This camp is developed for players ages 10-15 that are striving to play on their school's JV and HS Teams. Camp runs Monday - Friday from 9am-12:30pm. Groups will be broken down based on age and level and coaches will follow our Club's NXG/Developmental Teaching Curriculum found on our Junior Program Page while also spending more time on serves & returns, point play, and match play. 

High Performance Camp

Directed by Andres Bernal and Jose "Cookie" this camp is designed for High School Varsity players as well as USTA & UTR ranked players. 

Camp is focused on high quality tennis training in a simple way. We start by training our players with a positive mentality both on and off the courts. Then, we follow that up with the development and refinement of technical skills. All of which we tailor specifically to meet the individual needs of each of our students. Camps meets Monday - Friday from 12:30 - 4pm

See You on the Courts.

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Woodbridge, CT 06525

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